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A little bit about us,

Love and tonic is a local family owned and operated health and wellness store.

We aim to offer you the best products and services, with the priority for local, organic, sustainable and cruelty-free. Whether you are looking for gluten free, vegan, paleo or keto foods and supplements we can support your needs. Of course, if there is something we don’t have that you would like, we will do our best to get that in for you!

All of our products contain no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, hydrogenated oils or genetically modified products. At our wellness bar, you can try organic homemade bone broth, bulletproof coffee and the best therapeutic smoothies. We have a full herbal dispensary, offering liquid extracts, botanical teas and flower essences that are all tailor-made for your individual needs. For simple, acute conditions one of our in-store naturopaths or herbalists can prescribe a remedy after a short consultation but for more complex issues we recommend booking in with our clinic naturopath for a more comprehensive consultation. We have a wide range of quality vitamin supplements (retail and practitioner ranges), protein and sports nutrition supplements, grocery and fridge items, household goods, aromatherapy, beauty and beautiful gifts. We offer a great loyalty system where you earn points for every dollar you spend as well as special member promotions and discounts.

It had always been a dream to create a beautiful space where everyone is welcome to be part of something bigger, something evolving. Our store is about providing inspiration and motivation to always be striving for better. This may be in the form of improving physical health, finding the courage to be authentic, learning how to manage stress, making positive changes for our environment or reaching out to other members in the community. We don’t want this to be from our position only- please let us know any ideas you have towards these goals and we will endeavour to facilitate them.

One of the most important things I learnt along the way was that ‘the more you know, the less you know’.  It is definitely about humility, always keeping an open mind, respecting other’s opinions and to never be afraid to question. We recognize that each person is at their own stage in becoming more aware of the importance of health and sustainable practices and incorporating these changes into their lives.  You will not experience any elitist attitudes or judgement here, we are far from perfect ourselves! We can share our knowledge and experience and learn from each other. We all have our own health journey - you would have difficulty finding anyone in the health industry without a story to tell about how they arrived in the place they are now.

Come in and tell us your story. Whether you have a debilitating chronic disease, are struggling to find balance or simply want to improve the integrity of your hair, skin and nails, we would love to support your journey!

With love, 

The Love & Tonic Team 

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