Nutritionist & Herbalist 
Karen Walshe

Karen joins the Love & Tonic Practitioner Team here in Terrigal as a qualified Nutritionist, Herbalist and community leader who has been in clinical practice since 2013.
Karen was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 and started investigating the role of nutrition and herbal medicine has in managing chronic illness. This curiosity quickly turned into a passion that lead her to retrain with the purpose to help educate others on how making the right food choices can dramatically impact health.
Karen works alongside evidence-based medicine to achieve better patient outcomes prescribing nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle interventions.  In an attempt to inspire change within her community, Karen has developed the “Eat Better Feel Better Workshops” delivering 12 workshops to her local community in 2019 with the support of the Local Council and Clubs Australia.
Karen has now opened up clinical practice at Love & Tonic on Thursday Mornings 9am - 12pm

community and corporate workshops also available.




  Holistic Chiropractor, and Integrative Practitioner

Dr Sara Winchester

Hello, I am Dr Sara Winchester, a Holistic Chiropractor, and Integrative Practitioner withover 22 years’ experience.
My journey as a chiropractor began in the Wheat belt of WA in 2000

where I worked in a busy country Chiropractic Clinic assisting many patients.

There I fell pregnant with my first child and the pull to return to the NSW East Coast, closer to family drew me back

In 2003 I opened my own clinic, Total Chiropractic in Mosman.

Today I continue to see my clients in Mosman on smaller a scale, with the same level of care,

enthusiasm anddedication to their health and wellbeing.

My work has evolved and developed over many years, where today I love to focus onlong-term health

as well as dealing with acute issues that arise.I have had considerable experience working with athletes,

children, pregnant women and treating complicated health issues,

In fact the patient may even see me as their last resort to better health.
My further Post Graduate qualifications include Diploma in Sports Chiropractic,
pregnancy care, nutritional genomics, health coaching; all complemented by my
considerable expertise in chiropractic techniques.

I love a challenge and understand my own limitations so will happily refer you to the right person if it is not me.
A favourite and beneficial technique I utilise is Muscle Testing techniques, Applied Kinesiology and

Neuro-Emotional Techniques to effectively diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments.

I also involve more clinical assessments including Orthopedic tests, Neurology tests,

x-rays or scans, pathology tests, genetic tests and other chiropractic diagnostic tests
depending on what is going on for you. I’m always looking for where the biggest block is
to my clients healing as fast as possible. I tend to think to myself

“is it structural,emotional, something with biochemistry

(hormones, nutrition, toxicity, digestion, immune,etc) ...?”

and go from there with the most appropriate treatment.
My goal always is that you go away with something to work on for yourself and begin
your journey to better health and understanding what’s going on for you.
I love to inspire people to take responsibility for their health through education and awareness.


Terrigal was always my home away from home being where my grandmother lived, and I
spent many happy years. For the past 4 years I now live in Terrigal and feel right at home.

So, as I continue to work with my clients in Mosman a couple of days a week and I am
pleased and passionate to begin working with the Central Coast communit

with a new local practice. I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Sara Winchester (Chiropractor)
M: 0438 942 833 E: W: