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 Fionna Middler

Fionna Middler is a degree qualified Naturopath,Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist, Homeopath and
Remedial massage therapist with over 25 years experience.She is an accredited member of ATMS and undertakes many courses and seminars in the continuation of professional education.
Working with a diverse range of clients, Fionna has helped many children and adults with numerous health conditions over the years, helping them to find the underlying issues that are critical to effective healing, and helping them to maintain balance and wellbeing.Fionna has a gentle, nurturing manner and fully commits to listening to her clients and planning a treatment program that is appropriate and individual to them.

Naturopathy is helpful for a range of conditions such as:

*Cardiovascular health
*Metabolic disorders such as Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity

*Endocrine disorders such as thyroid abnormalities,adrenal exhaustion
*Hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, PMS,endometriosis, PCOS and menopause
*Fertility issues and management

*Digestive disorders- IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, food intolerances, reflux
*Mood disorders, cognitive decline, headaches,insomnia
*Arthritis, musculoskeletal problems
*Colds, recurring infections, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders
*Skin conditions- eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne

Initial consultations usually take up to 90 mins, where a complete case history is taken to fully assess your
physical, environmental and emotional health and Fionna uses diagnostic tools including iridology, tongue and body diagnosis.Holistic treatment plans may involve diet modification,herbal supplements and nutritionals as well as lifestyle recommendations.

Call In store for Bookings 0444 513 677


Nutritionist & Herbalist 
Karen Walshe

Practitioners: Text

Karen joins the Love & Tonic Practitioner Team here in Terrigal as a qualified Nutritionist, Herbalist and community leader who has been in clinical practice since 2013.
Karen was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 and started investigating the role of nutrition and herbal medicine has in managing chronic illness. This curiosity quickly turned into a passion that lead her to retrain with the purpose to help educate others on how making the right food choices can dramatically impact health.
Karen works alongside evidence-based medicine to achieve better patient outcomes prescribing nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle interventions.  In an attempt to inspire change within her community, Karen has developed the “Eat Better Feel Better Workshops” delivering 12 workshops to her local community in 2019 with the support of the Local Council and Clubs Australia.
Karen has now opened up clinical practice at Love & Tonic on Thursdays 11am - 5 pm

community and corporate workshops also available.

Call In store for Bookings 0444 513 677




Energetic Healer


Hello, my name is Annabelle, I'm a kinesiologist and intuitive energy healer here at Love & Tonic.

I have been helping my clients for the past 7 years overcome a range of spiritual, emotional and energetic issues.

My intention with my clients is to have them walk out of a session feeling free, confident, light and powerful.

A session is 1 hour long and is individually tailored to each client. 

I use many techniques and seek to clear your mind and work towards releasing any stuck energy to create flow in the body and in your life.

Energy work is a great way to create balance and calm in your body, when we feel centered and grounded life flows easier.

I also hand make a range of energy healing products under the name of The Halo Healing Co, that are stocked at Love & Tonic.

My intention for my products is for anyone to be able shift stuck energy at home - a candle to cleanse your home or invite higher vibrations into your life, a balm to sooth an anxious mind, a spray for energetic protection or bath salts to cleanse and align your chakras.

I infuse all my products with many healing vibrations and lots of love! 

My healing sessions are open for women, men and children. 


Please call 0422 037 689 to book your appointment. 

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