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January Newsletter

Our first monthly newsletter to welcome in the new decade! With updates from our practitioners and exclusive offers for our members.

January's offer: Come in store, mention the newsletter and receive your 2 week sample of TRESOS Activated B multivitamin! A trusted multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplement, containing active forms of B2, B6 and B9 for enhanced bioavailability. Tresos helps to support energy production, offset stress and promote a healthy immune response. One of our practitioners can chat with you to see if this quality supplement could be of benefit to you.

Now a word from our practitioners!

2020 is the international year of the Plant, so, it is only fitting to start 2020 with January's Veganary campaign to bring to light the need for people to consume more plant-based foods.

There is a growing trend towards people choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle for various reasons, whether it be ethical or health related, making Australia the third-fasted growing vegan market in the world. It is now possible to find plant-based food alternatives in health food stores and supermarkets but be careful to read ingredients as some vegan options are not as healthy as you think. If you think becoming a vegan is something you would like to embark on be mindful that you need to ensure adequate B12, iron, iodine, calcium and protein consumption. I am not a vegan, but do encourage my clients to consume more plant foods as they are packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and phytochemicals that protect your body from disease. Another benefit of including more plant foods into your daily routine is that they are a great source of fibre that will contribute to improving hormone balance, gut health and reducing your overall risk of lifestyle related diseases associated with a western style diet.

One of my favourites, quick, easy, tasty and vegan friendly snacks are Mary’s Gone Mad Super Seed Crackers with Nutty Bay Cashew Cheese Olive and Oregano and Sauerkraut. If you need help to get started come and talk with me at Love & Tonic or book a complimentary 15 min appointment valid until end Feb 2020.

- Karen Walshe, Nutritionist & Herbalist

With the tragedy of Australian bushfires over the past and current months, here are some tips you can implement to ease the effects and symptoms of too much smoke in the air.

Natural Ways to Deal with the Effects of Bush Fire Smoke

While there is not a lot you can do about the smoke in the air there are some foods you can eat and things you can do at home to help ease symptoms of too much smoke.

Natural Anti-histamines & Anti-inflammatories

Nutrients such as Vitamins C and Quercetin are natural Anti-histamines and Anti-oxidants and are important in the role of relieving symptoms of allergies. Quercetin is often found alongside Vitamin C in citrus fruits (particularly the white fluffy pith you usually pick off, so you might leave a little bit on). It is also found in high amounts on its own in both fresh garlic and fresh onion, so adding these to salad dressings finely chopped with some olive, avocado or other nutritious oil makes them palatable for most people. Vitamin C can also be found in berries, capsicum, kiwifruit and parsley. Anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, turmeric and green and brightly coloured vegetables all support the bodies natural ability to reduce inflammation.

Breaking down congestion

Fresh pineapple is a great source of a naturally occurring enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has been shown to be helpful in breaking down congestion when it is consumed away from other foods. Bromelain is not found of any significant level in processed pineapple such as canned or juice in a bottle or satchel. So to access the bromelains, pineapple is best consumed fresh, on its own, away from other foods. The highest amount of bromelain is found in the core so you might want to blend the core up a little with the fresh pieces first.

Keeping hydrated

Many people are not hydrated enough as it is. We are all guilty of often not drinking enough water. But in times of smoke and increased use of air conditioning, the delicate mucous lining in your mouth, throat, nose, eyes and lungs scream out for water. Add to this your body’s desire to “flush out” smoke particles mean you need to consume more water than usual. So how much is enough? An average adult needs to consume 8 or more 250ml cups of water a day to keep the body hydrated and running at a basic level. However, if you are larger in height or weight than around 70-80kg and or you are very active then your need for water increases. So aiming for 2 or more litres a day is important.

So, should you only drink water?

Some drink choices are dehydrating, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, and energy drinks it is important to avoid them or limit them to a treat. Drinking herbal teas (such as peppermint, thyme and elderflower to open the airways) and vegetable juices or adding some lemon slices or pieces of fruit to a water bottle can change things up a bit. Also keep in mind some foods such as watermelon and rockmelon are high in water too, however, try to keep sweet fruit juices to a minimum.

Steam Inhalations & Vaporisers

If the congestion or dryness is really bad you may like to try some steam inhalations or add some specific oils to a room vaporiser. Take care that water for inhalation is not too hot. If you do place a towel over your head do not lean too close too quick and limit steam time to 5-10 mins. The steam can burn and along with some oils may damage delicate mucous membranes. Talk to our trained staff about which one is right for you.

- Amanda Richardson, Naturopath

Start the new year with some self care, love and relaxation. With 30 years of experience in health, beauty and massage - Jennifer provides a range of services and most popular here at love & tonic, the crystal facials and massage. Using only organic products and oils, enjoy a 60, 90 or 120 minute appointment. By mentioning this newsletter, Jennifer will be offering a free introductory reflexology session with any service booked until the end of February 2020!

Protect, cleanse, uplift and calm your energy this year. Annabelle Marshal, our Kinesiologist and energetic healer has co-developed HALO - Energetic healing sprays made up of essential oils, crystals, bush flower essences and lots of love and magic. Try out the sprays in store!

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