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February Newsletter

Happy February! In this months newsletter you will receive insights from our practitioners regarding all things immunity and gut health, the incredible benefits of reflexology, what mercury retrograde means and some actionable steps to feel happier and more energetic!

(Make sure to make it to the end for this month's discount & delicious vegan recipe!)

With the little ones just starting or going back to school, this usually means exposure to colds and various other germs which they kindly bring back home to share with the rest of the family. How can you support your immunity to protect against nasties and recover quickly? Here's some information from our store Naturopath, Amanda Richardson.

So what can I do to protect and support my immune system?

Natural therapies utilising specific foods, nutrients, probiotics and herbs are perfectly suited and ideal at boosting the body’s defences and fighting infections both bacterial and viral in the respiratory and digestive systems. Prevention and immune-boosting tonics containing combinations of herbs such as Astragalus and Siberian ginseng are shown to reduce the frequency of colds and flus, while supporting healthy immune function and the body’s natural resistance to stress. Both herbs are regarded as having anti-fatigue actions, which are important as stress and lowered immune function occur side by side.

Anything else?

Other herbs such as Andrographis and Echinacea are often seen in combination to relieve symptoms and stimulate health and fight infections. Andrographis in particular may help to relieve virus type signs and symptoms including sore throats, a runny nose, mucous congestion, headache and mild fever. Immunity starts in the gut and keeping the bacteria in balance with food and lifestyle choices and a well chosen Probiotic. The collective term for the many “families” of bacteria that are in the gastrointestinal system (GIT) which includes the stomach, small intestine and the large bowel is called the “gut microbiome”.

What does the microbiome actually do?

The microbiome communicates with the immune system and can control how your body responds to infection. Surprisingly different probiotic bacteria live in each section of your GIT and have differing roles, so it is not surprising that there are a variety of Probiotics products available for different concerns. Probiotics are important when antibiotics have been used and gastroenteritis symptoms impact on you or your child’s daily life.

Nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc support the immune systems T-cells and B-cells to recognise the type of infection and then support transport of appropriate cells to fight the infection. For best results, research suggests that taking these nutrients as soon as possible, preferably at the first onset, may help to reduce the severity and possibly the duration of symptoms.

How can diet support immunity?

Foods such as mangoes, kiwi fruit, capsicum, berries, broccoli, parsley as well as oranges are all high in Vitamin C. A high source of Zinc is found in oysters as well as beef, chicken and fish. In plant based foods, chickpeas, lentils, oatmeal, activated (soaked and dried) nuts and seeds are also high in Zinc. Vitamin A can be found in rockmelons and other orange and yellow fruits and dark green vegetables. Higher sources can be found in Cod Liver Oil and Eggs.

And if I want more information?

If you are wanting support, guidance and results in optimising your immunity and health, book a consultation with one of our qualified practitioners to make sure you are taking the right supplement, for the right amount of time, specifically for your age and condition.

Ok now the discount to support mine and my families immune health?

Finally! The best part - 20% off Fusion immunity range for February only!

Fusion have an amazing range to help support immune health in adults and children.

Come and pick up a brochure and chat with one of our practitioners in store to see which product might suit you.


What is it and how does it work?

Reflexology is a specific pressure point technique applied to the feet, hands, ears and face to stimulate and reflect different internal body structures and organs. Similar to massage, but different as massage is the manipulation of muscles and tissues to induce circulation and relieve tension.

Some of the awesome benefits of reflexology are:

  • Reducing stress by improving nerve function and blood supply throughout the body

  • Boosting the immune system, aiding in the elimination process and the release of toxins and waste products - supporting the liver and kidneys

  • Helps with menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms

  • Opening and releasing energy pathways, supporting productivity, energy and emotional blockages

+ so much more! For the month of Februray, Jennifer is offering a 60 minute Reflexology session for the price of a 45 minute session which is $95 instead of $120! Mention this newsletter when booking to receive your discount. This session also includes aromatherapy & a magnesium foot bath for ultimate relaxation.

To all the mums, dads, carers & grandparents

Have you heard the safety talk on flights - "Apply your oxygen mask before applying to children"? There's a reason for that, without your health and safety, who will be there to look after your loved ones/children/fur babies?

As a mother, we tend to be one of the main caregivers to children and families, so, why is it that we leave ourselves to last and put other needs in front of our own? It is our responsibility to apply our mask first so that we can have the energy and health we need to look after others. One of the simplest ways we can do this, is through the food that we consume. Food is essential to life and our source of energy. Food is a major factor in determining our health, predisposition to develop chronic disease and of course, our happiness.

I often work with mothers who are tired, stressed and hanging on by a thread. I often hear "I want to be healthier but I don't have time, energy or motivation". If you need support on improving your energy, managing your stress, and developing healthy habits and routines; Book a consult with Karen Walshe, our store Nutritionist & Herbalist.

In the meantime here are 5 actions you can do right now to support you!

1. Stress LESS - Take 5 minutes out of your day to do something for yourself.

2. Move your body - Anyway you can, a few stretches or a walk outside.

3. Incorporate more whole foods

4. Aim to drink more water - sounds simple, but so important!

5. Have fun - play some music & dance like no one can see you, cuddle your child/pet

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in retrograde is just around the corner starting on the 17th of February and finishing up on the 10th of March. So instead of running for the hills in fear, I feel like it's time for everyone to embrace this period as a time of learning about the things that we still need to let go of.

What old patterns do we need to break and are there any unresolved issues that need our attention?

Mercury in retrograde is the universe helping us connect to our soul purpose, so embrace it and don't give in to the fear. So set your intention and let this be your mantra going through this time. ~ Annabelle Marshal - Kinesiologist

Let love be your motivation for action

Vegan Choc Cherry Macadamia Slice

This 3 layered slice of delicious-ness is completely gluten, dairy, soy and artificial sugar free!


  1. 11/4 cups macadamias

  2. 6 mejool dates (pitted)

  3. 1/4 cup buckwheat flour

  4. 1 tbsp coconut oil

Cherry layer:

  1. 1 cup pitted cherries

  2. 1 cup shredded coconut

  3. 1 tsp beetroot powder

Chocolate layer:

  1. 1 cup cacao butter

  2. 7 tbsp cacao powder

  3. 6 tbsp maple syrup

  4. 1 tsp vanilla

  5. Pinch of salt


1. Preheat oven 180°C

2. Mix base ingredients in food processor until crumbly.

3. Press into greased silicon cup cake tray

4. Bake 15 minutes, let cool

5. Blend cherries, coconut & beetroot in food processor, tip into mesh

colander or nut bag and drain until minimal liquid left.

6. Press on top of base layer. Refrigerate.

7. Place glass bowl over simmering saucepan of water and melt cacao butter and cacao powder. Once melted whisk in maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Pour over slice to fill to about 3-5mm thick. (You may have left over which you could fill moulds with or make bark)

8. Refrigerate until set, best kept in fridge.

~ Enjoy!

* Reflexology image sourced from

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